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We bring an exceptional level of expertise due to our time spent in the packaging industry. With our broad scope of knowledge, we have been successful in finding solutions for many applications.

AL620 Label Applicator

Label Applicators

and Dispensers

Automating the label application process increases operational efficiencies and saves companies time and money. From dispensers to fully-automatic applicators, there is something for every level of automation and company size. Our vendors include Autolabe, Loveshaw and Take-A-Label.

​Label Printers

Label printers are ideal for printing variable information. They are also great for short label runs that are printed in house. We offer many different brands of printers with a large range of capabilities such as Datamax, Zebra, Sato, etc.

Loveshaw MicroJetHRP InkJet Printer

Inkjet Printers

For case coding solutions, or printing on other porous substrates, On Your Mark Packaging represents two manufacturers: Loveshaw and HSA USA.


Available consumables: low resolution water-based inks, TIJ inks (HP and Collins), high resolution oil and solvent based inks, and even UV cured inks.

Jet2NEO Continuous InkJet Printer

Continuous InkJet Printers

Leibinger industrial inkjet printers are known for the highest flexibility. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging to marking black cables with white contrast inks. With the use of solvent-based inks, the print is smudge-proof after one second on glass, plastic or metal. The unique Leibinger airtight nozzle seal guarantees immediate startup without cleaning procedures.

Loveshaw LD7 Case Sealer

​​​Case Sealers

As a highly qualified Loveshaw distributor, we recommend, install and service semi-automatic and fully-automatic, uniform and random case sealers for light commercial to high demand packaging applications.

Loveshaw CF-50T Case Erector

Case Erectors

​As a knowledgeable and experienced Loveshaw distributor, we also recommend, install and service Loveshaw’s line of industrial grade, high performance case erectors/formers. Case erectors are ideal for applications that require more throughput, creating instant labor savings and increased production for a wide range of applications.

Software, Parts and Supplies

We stock a large selection of parts for the equipment that we sell. This convenient service is helpful when a customer needs parts immediately. We also carry label software to accompany our label systems.

Equipment Service

Not only do we sell packaging equipment, but we also offer service for times when machines are not running properly. Servicing equipment is part of our commitment to the customer and one of the many reasons we have strong customer loyalty.

Label Applicators

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